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Creating a Cybersecurity Roadmap For 2024

Did you meet your security goals this year? If the answer is no, then let’s discuss a cybersecurity roadmap for 2024. Developing a plan for next year can help your business navigate the lingering challenges caused by COVID-19 and achieve the success you’re looking for.

A Cybersecurity Roadmap for Annual Success

This has been a rough year for companies across the world in terms of cybersecurity. In May, one of the largest oil pipeline companies in the country fell victim to a ransomware attack. In the same month, Taiwan-based computer manufacturer Acer met a similar fate. These are only a few examples of the many businesses that have suffered from a cyberattack this year.

The best way to defend against cyberattacks is to take a strategic approach to cybersecurity. A roadmap allows you to align security processes with your business goals, and the end result is an optimized cybersecurity posture.

The 42, Inc. strategy for security roadmapping covers one to two years of protection. Our experienced team analyzes any possible threats, ensuring you have a security plan in case of unexpected disruptions. We make sure you’re comfortable with your technology solutions, so you have the best strategy in place to prevent issues that hinder your business operations.

How We Help You With Your IT Security Strategy Roadmap

We manage and protect your network security by analyzing your software and hardware to find any potential holes and fix them immediately. We walk you through your strategy so you’re familiar with best practices that remedy security risks. Finally, we help you put your plan into action while ensuring you understand how it works, so you can mitigate IT problems year round.

Your Cybersecurity Roadmap Services

42, Inc. specializes in turning complex issues into simple solutions, offering the best technology advancements on the market today.

Examples of the services we use to create an IT security strategy roadmap include:

Strategic Planning
The process of strategically planning your technology roadmap is never fully complete. The end of every year calls for a new and innovative way to integrate a cybersecurity roadmap into your business strategy. We create comprehensive plans that are enforced with up-to-date technology solutions, so you can achieve your business goals each year.

Cybersecurity Updates
The 42, Inc. team fights back against any and all cybersecurity threats. We keep up with the latest malware to provide the right security updates for your network. No security risk is too small to ignore. That’s why we tackle even the most minimal threats to ensure business continuity.

Business Process Review
We review your business processes for any gaps that could result in disruption. Our experts specialize in process assessments to identify any errors that can be corrected with updates or new technology installation. We also uncover any technology pain points that may be stopping you from meeting your business goals.

Disaster Recovery
Implementing a disaster recovery plan for your business is crucial for continuing business operations after a data breach. Our backup and recovery services prioritize data protection, keeping your information shielded while allowing you to recover any missing data.

Compliance Audits
While it’s essential for all businesses to undergo technology assessments to prevent cybersecurity threats, some businesses, such as healthcare facilities, must also comply with government regulations and industry standards. The 42 team specializes in HIPAA and SOX compliance, implementing these regulations into our technology best practices.

Remote Solutions

How to maintain security when employees work remotely is a concern business owners have been struggling with since the beginning of the pandemic. As working from home becomes commonplace, you need solutions that allow your team to continue working safely. 42, Inc. works with you to implement security measures and policies that keep your remote workforce as secure as the employees in your office.

Choose 42, Inc. for Your 2022 IT Strategy

42, Inc. takes partnership a step further by openly collaborating with your team, guaranteeing you’re at the forefront of the decision-making process. By trusting us with your information security technology roadmap, you can make a solid business investment for 2022. Our team ensures you stay on track to meet your business goals for next year.  

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you implement a roadmap for your business’s specific needs.