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How cybersecurity is like business insurance.

Are you taking the right precautions to protect your company? While your team more than likely has an existing insurance policy for your building, your protection needs to go much further than just simply securing your physical space. Data security has rapidly become one of the most important areas for companies to focus on; hackers and other external agents pose a constant threat to your personal information, and you need to do everything you can to secure your information.

Insurance and Cybersecurity: How They’re Related, and Why They Both Matter

The health and safety of your employees should mean everything to your company. But what about their intellectual safety? Their information, along with your clients’, is stored securely on your server… or so you thought. All it takes is one employee to click on a bad link or one hacker to make their way through your defenses to throw your entire company into chaos. If you don’t take measures to restrict unauthorized access to your network, sensitive information quickly becomes up for grabs. You invest a lot in building insurance for your space and health insurance for your employees—it’s time that you took a look at a policy that protects your data the same way.

Data breach prevention is among the most important services your company can incorporate into your IT. Why? Because it’s never safe to assume that it can’t happen to you. After all, we’re all “someone else” to someone else. If you’re not actively taking the time to invest in a solution that protects information from cyber attacks and defends against different types of malware, you’re putting your entire team at a disadvantage. Network security that you can rely on is crucial. We’ll talk about the reasons why investing in quality cyber security is so essential for your company, and how 42 Inc. can help protect your personal data and infrastructure.

Is your data safe and sound? Solidify your cyber security with 42 Inc.

Why You Need High-Quality Cybersecurity

Malicious software. Ransomware. Phishing attacks. There are so many ways that your sensitive data can be accessed by outside forces. Being prepared can go a long way toward keeping your personal information safe. Key advantages to implementing a cutting-edge cyber security solution include:

  • Keep costs low: If you let an issue linger for too long, it can spiral out of control dramatically and end up costing you a fortune. A proactive approach to cyber security allows your team to forecast your budget more accurately—if you know what your ongoing costs are going to be, they’re going to be inherently easier to manage. If your cyber security is a massive unknown, it’s going to have disastrous results for the rest of your company. 
  • Avoid downtime: Time is money, and your team needs to always be in a position to produce work effectively. A security breach can result in a complete stoppage of work, leaving your team in a lurch. Downtime causes companies to fall behind on crucial projects and increase the risk of a client walking away from your organization completely. With a comprehensive security system in place, you’ll be able to repel attacks that would otherwise derail productivity and put your company in a difficult spot.
  • Build retention: Your clients trust your team to deliver results for their organization—but just how much can they trust you? Without a high-quality security solution in place, it’s possible that your company could increase the likelihood of not only your information becoming compromised but your clients’ as well. 

What Can You Do to Avoid Security Threats?

It all starts with finding a provider that can protect what matters most to you and your clients. At 42 Inc., we recognize that not every company has the exact same needs when it comes to security. That’s why we customize our services to best align with your infrastructure, shoring up areas that aren’t capable of keeping cyber attacks at bay. We also collaborate with KnowBe4, an industry-leading provider of in-depth employee security training, to make sure everyone on your team is capable of pitching in with protecting your network. 

Need more information on how our team can revolutionize the way you protect your sensitive data? Reach out to 42 Inc. today and see for yourself what kind of difference we make for our clients.