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What IT home resources you should use during during hybrid work.

We’ve all had to make adjustments over the last few months. But even with this extra time to adjust to the new normal, is your team as productive as it could be? Implementing the right work from home software platforms is a crucial step toward improving performance for your team. At 42, Inc., our goal is to make your technology easier to manage—whether you’re working in the office again in a month or two or working remotely indefinitely, we’re here to help.

The Work From Home Software You Need

While most of us are missing that day-to-day human interaction, we used to get back in the office, there are still plenty of positives that came with this abrupt transition to remote work. A lot of companies that had long-term rollouts planned had their hand forced prematurely—what a lot of leaders thought would take months (or even years) to implement actually only ended up taking a week or two. Companies that relied on potentially outdated methods of communication, data storage, and processes have had to upgrade their technology rapidly to stay afloat during these troubling times. But even with all of the changes you’ve made recently, how confident are you that your team is maximizing performance with their existing work from home setup

There’s no getting around the fact that COVID-19 has disrupted our lives—it seems like no corner of the world is truly untouched by this, and we’re all still trying to figure it out as we go along. But that doesn’t mean we’re devoid of resources that can make things a little easier to deal with. 

There are countless tools available that can immediately boost productivity, streamline communication, maintain high security standards, and help your team coordinate across your entire infrastructure. In this blog, we’ll go over the applications and programs you need to integrate into your workflow so that your team can make the most in a situation we’re all still trying to navigate.


For a lot of people, one positive from this situation is the absence of seemingly meaningless meetings in our daily schedules. But what if you still need to get together with people on your team? Zoom is a virtual meeting space that allows managers to communicate information to their team, project managers to effectively relay information to clients, and everything in between. Zoom video conferences are the main draw, but the app can essentially function as a phone, messaging platform, and webinar service. It’s everything you need to stay connected at a time where we feel more apart from each other than ever. For a detailed Zoom video guide, click here.


Show us one person who maintains that they love how crowded their inbox is after a day of work, and we’ll show you one hundred that prefer Slack. Although positioned by the company itself as an email alternative, Slack is so much more than that. Instant communication has never been easier—Slack allows users to share files, send messages, and relay information quickly and effectively to an entire company. With different channel setups, you can consolidate announcements to only specific groups of people. And as one of many helpful Slack tips and tricks, you can always send GIFs and emojis to keep the mood light during these confusing times.  

Microsoft Office

Email. Messaging. File Sharing. What doesn’t Microsoft Office have that you need? They’ve managed to combine every business-crucial service into a single platform, allowing companies to work more effectively without having to bounce between several different applications and programs. There’s a reason why Microsoft is the industry-leader and why so many companies choose their solutions over the competition. If you want to truly maximize your team’s performance and bring everyone together effectively with a single application, there’s no better option than Microsoft Office.

Do You Have the Right Setup?

If you’re not sure about the answer to that question, it’s likely that you don’t. It’s time to choose 42, Inc. as your main IT provider and start working more productively. With dynamic solutions and a helpful support team ready to answer any of your questions, we’re the go-to resource you need throughout the pandemic. For more information, reach out to our team today.