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What are hybrid managed services?

The world of technology is always changing, with new innovations being discovered on a regular basis. If you don’t want your organization to fall behind the times, it’s necessary to adapt and evolve with these changes. However, as your business adopts new technology into its infrastructure, what you need from your managed services solution may be different from what you demanded before. As such, it’s time to adjust the managed services model to better fit the new age of IT. That’s why 42, Inc. offers hybrid IT service management.

What Are Hybrid Managed Services?

In today’s business landscape, you use a mix of different IT solutions to facilitate your daily workflows. One piece of infrastructure that has become increasingly common in most offices is the cloud. Whether you use public, private, or hybrid cloud services, choosing which platform works best for each application is what matters the most. 

To better accommodate the requirements of your IT infrastructure, you may have decided to use not one, but multiple cloud environments to support your technology. This means you would use multiple cloud solutions to match each workload to the most appropriate service. Tailoring each workload’s infrastructure can bring tremendous benefits but can also make it difficult to keep everything under control.

At 42, Inc., we offer hybrid managed services to help alleviate the burden of juggling multiple cloud services at once. Our service is an IT solution where we help you regain control of your complex infrastructure. When you work with us, our experts can take over the management of your hybrid environment for you, so all that’s left to do is take advantage of the benefits. Our service is designed to help reduce costs, improve your agility, and maximize the value of your business.

Why Use Hybrid Managed Services?

When you use our hybrid it managed services, it makes managing your IT infrastructure easier. Our service also allows you to use your IT more effectively, which can help you set your company apart from your competitors. Our team gives you the support you need to drive business success and be the best in your industry.

IT Project Outsourcing

Your IT projects are meant to improve your organization in every aspect, from your processes all the way down to the core facets that make your business what it is today. That’s why strategically planning your IT projects plays a vital role in the success of your business. Make sure your projects are in the hands of a professional you can trust with 42, Inc.

As your partner, we provide strategically designed technology solutions that help to sustain and extend your company’s objectives and long-term goals. Included with our hybrid IT service management solution, our team can help you align your technology in a way that ensures future success. We can do project implementation, roadmapping, consultation, and staff development.

Tier 2 IT Support

As with any technology, you’re likely going to run into issues with your hybrid environment from time to time. When that happens, you can always contact our help desk where an IT expert will be waiting to help. However, there are times when an issue is beyond the skill of a Tier 1 technician. If you run into a more complicated problem, your issue can be elevated to our Tier 2 support team.

IT support is usually broken up into different tiers that are determined by the level of experience of the technician with whom you’re working. Tier 1 is used as the first line of defense to provide basic support. When a technical issue is beyond the capabilities of the Tier 1 technician, the problem is escalated to Tier 2.

With Tier 2 support, we provide a seasoned technician who has the knowledge and skills to provide in-depth solutions that a Tier 1 help desk cannot. Having this multi-tiered approach to troubleshooting can provide benefits like quick resolutions, improved efficiency, and a clear level of responsibility.