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Which Office 365 platform is right for you?

Transitioning to cloud computing might seem like a tall order, especially if you don’t have the right support on hand. That’s where having a high-quality partner to help you through the process comes in handy. At 42, Inc., we tailor our approach to meet your needs, and for most companies, Office 365 represents a positive step in the right direction. With unique applications and seamless integration available, you won’t find many platforms that make your life as easy as Office 365.

Which Office 365 Cloud Service Do You Need?

Office 365 offers four specific platforms for businesses: Office 365 Business Essentials, Office 365 Business, Office 365 Business Premium, and Microsoft 365 Business. Although they share similar characteristics and come from the same provider, there are specific differences that set each one apart. And finding out which one best suits your needs is all about having access to the right information. In this blog, we’ll talk about what makes each platform different and which one might make sense for your company depending on your size, workflow, and long-term goals.

For cloud computing made simple, there’s no one better than 42 Inc.

Office 365 Essentials

Services Offered

Only web-based Microsoft services—PowerPoint, Word, Excel, Outlook, OneDrive, and Skype for Business. SharePoint also offers premium file sharing, while Yammer makes office communication more reliable and efficient.

Who Does It Work Best For?

Office 365 Essentials fits well with small businesses and those with a high-speed network connection who are looking to improve the performance of some of their desktop apps. Keeping your information and applications web based is also simple with Office 365 Essentials.

Office 365 Business

Services Offered

Office 365 Business includes the core downloadable Microsoft desktop apps with no online services or business-class email. Users gain access to PowerPoint, Excel, Word, OneNote, Access, and Outlook. As for web-based services, OneDrive is the only one that you’ll have access to. 

Who Would Benefit the Most From Using It?

Business owners who only want to use the core Microsoft apps on their desktops.

Office 365 Business Premium

Services Offered

Office 365 Business Premium combines all of the features that other 365 models offer into one consolidated service, including all the desktop apps and web services.

Who Would Benefit the Most From Using It?

Small businesses (larger than Essential-sized) that would benefit from a more tailored file management system and require access to Microsoft collaboration tools.

Microsoft 365 Business

Services Offered

Every feature that’s offered with Business Premium along with high-quality mobile device management and IT security features. Users with this platform are also automatically upgraded to Windows 10. 

Who Would Benefit the Most From Using It?

If your infrastructure is relatively similar to those who fit the Premium option but you need to account for a bigger team, Microsoft 365 Business might make the most sense for you. A high-performance cloud offering makes it easier to scale up or down accordingly and integrate new tools into your workflow. 

What are you looking for in an IT partner? The right technology for your business relies entirely on fit—and no one’s better at determining what fits your needs than 42, Inc. Our team offers a safe, smooth, and secure transition to any of the Office 365 options listed above.

For more information on how you can jumpstart your migration process, reach out to our team today!